Is California the World’s Best Holiday Destination?

If you have a holiday approaching, you may find that you are stuck for choice. There are just so many destinations to choose from. One option that is often toward the top of the list is America, and California is a favoured destination. It can be more expensive than some other destinations, though. This might lead some people to wonder if it is worth the additional cost. The truth is that California is among the best destinations there is.

Stunning Coastline
If you like the sun, sea and sand, then you will find all you need at California. The state has a long coastline with some stunning beaches. You will also find plenty of opportunity to head out into the ocean to enjoy water sports. You can also get the chance to get up close to some of the animals that live there. If it is a beach based holiday you are looking for, they don’t come much better than California.

Plentiful Attractions
In addition to wonderful beaches, California has a lot more to offer. It is home to the world-famous Hollywood, and its incredible theme park. Disney fans will also find the world-famous Disney theme park. The state also has a bustling nightlife that is accustomed to catering to visitors. If you are looking for a lot of fun in the evenings, you won’t be disappointed in California.

All in all, California has a great deal to offer to any visitor. To many people, it is the greatest holiday destination on the planet.

Find A Safe Place To Park in California when you have a Photoshoot

Whether you are a resident, a tourist or somebody that is in California on business then you might be concerned about where you can leave your car safely whether it is one you own or one that you have rented. As with towns and cities across the planet, California does have its criminal element meaning that your car is not always safe, meaning you could return to it to find it has been vandalised or perhaps even stolen completely. Even if a parking spot does have security, you might still find that your car is damaged unintentionally by passing cars or people, so it is a good idea to find somewhere that sees little traffic as well as security protection. You also want to be sure that you won’t get given a ticket for parking in the wrong place.


The city does have many secure places where you can park your vehicle in confidence, you just need to know where you can find them. Many private firms will offer much needed security while some public services can also help to give you peace of mind that your vehicle is in a safe place. You could try looking on the internet for safe places to park your car but it can be difficult to be sure that their claims of security are genuine. Another way could be to ask around people that you know, but this could be difficult for people that are new to the city.

From Company Car Parks to Private Driveways.

Because secure parking spots are in demand, there are plenty of people that are looking to make a profit from it. They could be businesses with large car parks that will allow you to park your car for a fee, or maybe individual home-owners that will allow you to park your car on their drive-way, or perhaps even in their garage if they don’t own a car themselves. Others are solely in the business of keeping your car in a safe place for you. Some might even offer valet services and even deliver your car to you at the entrance so you don’t have to go walking through the car-park yourself to find it.

A car park models for photoshoot can count on

During the photoshoot Dreamarium will be bringing you news and information on where you can find secure parking places for your vehicle, and which you can really count on to keep your car safe. We will be trying out certain parking spots ourselves just as those in front of the studio and getting back to you with our views on the level of service provided and facilities such as what CCTV is available and whether or not the service is well-staffed.

Events and Occasions that are Just Right for Booking The Places In California

There are various events and occasions which make for ideal opportunities for you to enjoy your time in California.

Music Gigs.

Is there a band playing near you and you can’t find somebody to go with you? Maybe don’t know anybody that likes the music being played or they are just too busy with other things? You don’t have to miss out or go alone because you can call us to be your companion and attend the gig with you. Let the us know which gig you are going to watch and we might even be able join you. Maybe even we might like the band you are watching, making the gig more fun for both of you. We could also make the ideal friendly local to have a drink with after the event, but at the very least you will have a friend to go to the gig with

Some people are occasionally expected to attend certain social functions, and they are usually expected to take a +1. In some circles it would be unwise to go alone, and very beneficial to attend with an elegant, attractive companion.
Some people are occasionally expected to attend certain social functions, and they are usually expected to take a +1. In some circles it would be unwise to go alone, and very beneficial to attend with an elegant, attractive companion.

Social Functions.

If you will soon be attending such a function and are expected to take somebody with you but have nobody to join you, give us a call and we can be happy to join you. We are used to such occasions in California so we know well what to do and what is expected. There’s also the added benefit of being seen in public with somebody that is likely to get heads turning.

Nights In.

If you would rather just stay in and would like to have some company then have an early night. Or you can ask somebody to join you at whatever time suits you for your convenience. Whether you want somebody to watch a movie with. Getting some rest is particularly useful if you are away from home in a strange city where you don’t know anybody.

Meals out.

We all enjoy a great meal and there is no treat quite like dining out in a high-end restaurant. It can feel awkward if you are eating alone though, in which case many people just choose to eat in instead.That doesn’t have to be the case though as you can call us we will be glad to accompany you to a fine restaurant, where you can then enjoy a great meal in superb company. Of course, if you are enjoying being in our company of your escort then you could choose to have a few drinks together afterward and maybe even spend the evening together.