Most Popular Places to Visit in California

Sometimes you will find yourself in a quagmire of choosing a spectacular place to spend your precious time with friends and family. Next time don’t worry anymore, you can try California, a golden state with breathtaking sights and beautiful places to see. It offers amazing beauty which you ought to experience. Some of the amazing places you should set foot in California include;

1.    Yosemite Falls

Located in Yosemite National Park.

With its huge popularity from all over the world, the Yosemite Falls receives a lot of visitors from all over the world. It is the fifth biggest waterfall in the entire world with a depth of 2,424 feet. Most of the water falling from top to the lake beneath originates from a snow belt.

2.    Joshua Tree Park

This is a National Park mostly visited for purposes of hiking, camping, and climbing. It consists of wilderness with two separate deserts.

3.    Sturtevant Falls

Located in Angeles Forest.

This is very beautiful waterfalls with a depth of fifty feet. They are made of algae and moss growing on its cliffs. These plants increase the beauty of the waterfall attracting a large number of visitors.

4.    Pfeiffer Beach

This is an unusual beach with beautiful scenery and considerable silence. It is mostly visited by the local people because most tourists don’t know the beach. The beach is made up of purple colored sand brought about by the particles of manganese garnet washed away from the adjacent hillside.

5.    San Diego

This is a must visit spot in California. Located along the Pacific Ocean coast, it is the most beautiful city in California. It is composed of sundry of beaches to visit which experience a mild climate favorable for all tourists.

6.    Santa Cruz

With its great opportunities for surfing, it forms the best place to visit in California. This is a small city with an average population of about 50,000. It has attractive beaches along its coast with a lot of visitors from around the world.

7.    Vernal Falls

Located in Yosemite Park

This is a waterfall with a depth of 317 feet deep down the Merced River. It is a permanent waterfall although, at a certain time of the year, it breaks into different strands due to the decrease in the water level.

8.    Monterey Beach

This is a beautiful beach with tiny jewelry present in the entire sand covering the beach. It has different beaches with different recreation services for all the visitors such as kayaking, surfing, and diving.

9.    Emerald Bay

Located in Lake Tahoe.

This is an elegant bay which has already been designated as a National Landmark because of its natural beauty. It has two sites for camping and a foot trail surrounding the entire island.

10.Muir Woods

Located in Golden Gate Recreation Area

This is a hotspot for most of the tree lovers. With its wide variety of redwood trees that use the fog from the coast to grow, it forms one of the most beautiful places to visit in California.